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  • Collective Licensing offers a simple and cost effective solution both for those who wish to copy from published materials without breaking the law, and for rights holders where direct licensing would be inefficient and unduly burdensome. Download PDF.
  • A blanket licence allows users to copy from a broad range of repertoire in return for a licence fee, so providing convenience and excellent value for money. The licence fee is paid to the rights holders whose publications have been shown to have been copied.
  • Read more: Introduction to Collective Licensing.

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  • Get information about when licence fee income from licensed sectors is distributed.
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  • Distribution of licence fees.
  • Allocation of licence fee income.
  • Administrative deductions.
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Latest updates

PLS has moved 19 November 2018

PLS has moved office to London Bridge in central London. The new location - Shackleton House - is conveniently located for visitors, being opposite London Bridge main line and underground stations. As previously, the space is shared with CLA, ALCS and ERA.

Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same. The postal address is 5th Floor, Shackleton House, 4 Battle Bridge Lane, London SE1 2HX.

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