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About PLS

Sustainability at PLS

PLS recognises the significant global threats to life and livelihoods caused by climate change and environmental degradation and believes that we have a responsibility to future generations to conduct our business in a sustainable way.

Our mission is therefore to minimise PLS’ environmental impact by focusing on our own operations and assisting the publishing industry’s collective efforts to improve sustainability through education and encouragement of sustainable practices.

To achieve our mission, PLS is committed to improving environmental literacy amongst our team and embedding the consideration of sustainability in decision-making across the organisation.

As a not-for-profit working across the publishing industry, PLS also recognises that this unique position enables us to inspire, communicate, and collaborate more widely with our trade association owners and our client publishers to establish a community effort to create more sustainable businesses, signpost industry-wide sustainability projects and share industry best practice.

Check out below for some of the publishing industry’s sustainable projects