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Managing your rights

Sharing knowledge and encouraging best practice

PLS uses its expertise in licensing and copyright to help publishers with their rights management. By sharing the knowledge and best practice of experienced publishers, we raise awareness of the major benefits of effective management, including:

  • Opportunities to exploit rights and grow revenue
  • Clear oversight of the rights that publishers hold
  • Quick and easy sharing of content and handling of permissions
  • Closer partnerships with publishing partners and content creators
  • Maximising the commercial value of a publishing
  • Better protection of rights and support for the UK’s copyright framework upon which publishers depend.

Our mission to promote good rights management led us to create the Rights & Licensing Hub, a portal of free resources and inspiration to help all rights holders. Created by PLS’ Rights Management Group of industry experts, it offers a wide range of useful material, including:

To explore all the resources, visit the Rights & Licensing Hub.

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