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How PLS can help

A guide to our permissions services

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For rights holders and users alike, permissions can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our award-winning PLSclear service provides a quick and simple alternative to processing individual requests.

How it works for users

For individuals and organisations seeking permission to reuse extracts of content, PLSclear is a convenient one-stop-shop. Here you can:

  • Find the rights holders of content in millions of books, journals and magazines
  • Submit requests to reuse extracts of content, with a checklist for all the details needed
  • Make requests for multiple pieces of content in a single application to save time and effort
  • Track the progress of requests and action any follow-ups
  • Pay any applicable fees by card or invoice
  • Download and file your licences to use content.

How it works for rights holders

PLSclear acts as a clearing house for permissions, making it easy to receive, process, grant or decline requests. Rights holders across all sectors of publishing use it to:

  • Manage requests in a single, dedicated in-box
  • Receive all the information you need to make permissions decisions, without the need for follow-ups
  • Automate permissions licensing if you wish, or review each request before responding
  • Stay in control by setting your terms and changing them at any time
  • Handle all aspects of credit control and the processing of invoices
  • Access reports on permissions, including trends in requests and revenue
  • Protect copyright against unauthorised use.

Get started

Whether you are a user or a rights holder, signing up to PLSclear is fast and easy. There are no set-up costs or annual subscriptions, and fees to cover our costs only apply to paid-for licences. Click for more about signing up.