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PLS Permissions

Need support with making permissions requests to reuse content, managing the requests you receive yourself, or maximising potential revenues and efficiency opportunities around permissions?

PLS Permissions is a suite of three complementary services to help you make permissions management straightforward.

Simply choose from our products and get the help you need:

  • PLS PermissionsAssist: Outsource your permissions admin entirely to PLS
  • PLS PermissionsDirect: Manage your permissions requests more efficiently with PLSclear, the permissions management tool
  • PLS PermissionsRequest: For authors and editorial staff seeking permission to reuse content, use PLSclear to help you make and manage your request quickly and easily

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1. PLS PermissionsAssist

1. PLS PermissionsAssist

Most publishers do not have specialist staff handling permissions, so it can be difficult to maximise the amount of profit that can be generated from this area.

However, PLS can now handle your permissions business for you, in the same way we manage your collective licensing.

Our Permissions Assist service includes day-to-day management of your permissions business:

  • Processing all requests
  • Issuing licences for free of charge and chargeable requests (or forwarding for review)
  • Processing and remitting payments
  • Issuing invoices
  • Credit control
  • Reporting

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2. PLS PermissionsDirect

2. PLS PermissionsDirect

Whether managing permissions is a central part of your role or you manage them on an occasional basis, Permissions Direct streamlines the permissions process.

Using PLSclear, the permissions tool, Permissions Direct enables those seeking permission to reuse content, and for those who grant permissions on a regular basis.

  • Automate free-of-charge permissions and halve your workload
  • Organise and report on your growing permissions business from anywhere, using a secure inbox
  • Cost effective – spend more time on more profitable work

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PLSclear development: Coming in 2017

  • Automate charged-for licences
  • Save even more time
  • Generate more profit from your content.

Next steps:

1. Sign up for Permissions Direct today and potentially halve the costs of managing your permissions
2. Add the PLSclear widget to your website
3. Register your interest in PLSclear v3 – automating your paid licensing.

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3. PLS PermissionsRequest

3. PLS PermissionsRequest

For all those who seek permission to reuse content as part of their role - editorial staff, production, authors - you can use PLSclear, our permissions tool, free of charge to make permissions requests.

  • One simple interface to make requests
  • Database of 10m+ records, making it quicker and easier to gain permission
  • Manage all requests in the project management tool
  • Paper trail for future reference
  • Automated licensing where applicable which speeds up the process
  • Free to use

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