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Collective Licensing

Register with PLS

All UK and overseas-based publishers of books, magazines, journals and websites can register to authorise PLS to manage their rights on a collective basis. There is no obligation to work with us, but more than 4,000 publishers choose to do so.

There is no charge for registering, no long-term commitment and no strict rules on the rights you wish to license through us. You can exclude rights from your agreement and you can also take part in other types of licences, like transactional document delivery licences granted to libraries and other suppliers. Agreements with us can be terminated with six months written notice.

Registering with PLS is quick and easy. UK publishers should complete this short account form . Businesses based in the European Union should use this form, and US-based businesses may complete this form. Paper forms are available by contacting us. You should read and complete your form in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions, Distribution Charter and Code of Conduct.

When your application form has been accepted, the PLS team will be in touch to provide you with access to PLS Account Manager. This portal provides you with everything you need to manage your account settings and licensing options.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of registering to PLS, or need help with your application, email the PLS team or call us on 020 7079 5930.

Five reasons to register with PLS for collective licensing

1 Income Secure fair recompense for the copying of your content and regular payments - straight to the bottom line.

2 Convenience Save time and money by avoiding the need to handle every copying request.

3 Trust Rely on PLS’ 40-year track record of representing publishers' interests and distributing more than £500m to over 4,000 publishers, accurately and on time.

4 Protection Strengthen your defences against infringement of your copyright.

5 Flexibility Set the boundaries of your licensing and adjust them when you wish.