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The Stationers’ Company Warrants Recipients 2023


Warrants Recipients 2023


The Stationers’ Warrant, now in its 9th year, has established itself as a mark of recognition highlighting excellence within our industries. Members of the Stationers’ Company hold the Warrant in extremely high esteem reflecting our unique reach and expertise.

We have now recognised many companies’ products and services with Stationers’ Warrants, and we are developing the programme year on year. Recipients have the honor of using the Company Warrant on their product or for promoting their service, which has proved a really positive selling point.

As our marketplaces have changed, the Stationers’ Warrants have also reflected these changes and have included not only traditional products such as pens and notebooks, but also products which embrace sustainability and services that are unique and truly relevant to our industry.

Chris Geer,  Chairman of the Warrants Committee, commented: “Despite the challenging last 12 months due to the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis that affects all sectors, it has been a pleasure to receive innovative applications from a broad cross-section of our Content and Communications Industries.”

The committee was delighted to award new Stationers’ Warrants to:

  • Hahnemühle UK for their Natural Line Paper Range
  • The Evening Standard for their Standard Dispossessed Campaign

The following companies which demonstrated to the judging panel further innovation and development of their warranted products have had their warrants extended.

  • EO Group for the Office Power Dealer network programme
  • Victor Stationery for the Rhino Notebook
  • Downey for their Luxury Design and Print Services
  • Westchester Publishing Services for their Culturally Responsive Education Review


Details for the 2024 Stationers’ Warrant will be announced later this year.


Should you require any more information on either the Stationers’ Company Warrant or the warrant winning products, then please contact Chris Geer




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The Stationers' Company is the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content industries. The Company’s mission is to be the most effective independent forum in the UK Communications and Content industries, actively contributing to the strategic development, success and education of these industries. The majority of our members work in or supply the paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspaper, broadcasting and online media industries.