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The Stationers' Company is currently accepting applications for their Innovation Excellence Awards, which has been running for nine years now. The awards are open to businesses of all sizes, including global corporations, SMEs, non-profits, and start-ups within the communications and content industries.

Entrants are not required to be members of the Stationers' Company and can apply for more than one of the six available categories. The categories are Business Process, Communications and Marketing, Customer Experience, Product Design, Service Development, and Start-ups. Applications close on Friday, 21st April at 7 pm, and the entry form can be accessed through

The judges are interested in seeing applications that demonstrate innovative products, services, or business processes that have a positive financial and social impact on customers and the environment. The judging criteria are available on the website, and the winners of each category will be in the running for the overall Innovator of the Year award.

The Stationers' Company encourages all eligible businesses to apply, and there is no cost associated with entry.

Overall winners of the last three years’ ‘Innovator of the Year’ Award were Xerox in 2022 for the Xerox ElemX printer; ‘Turn on the Subtitles’ global marketing campaign of the same name in 2021; and Heidelberg for Heidelberg Assistant in 2019 (2020 Awards cancelled due to the pandemic). See our full 2022 awards day brochure at

The 2023 Awards will be announced and presented in the historic Stationers’ Hall on Monday, 25 September 2023 at the awards lunch.

For further information please contact Gabby Price at