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CLA Text and Data Mining (TDM) Licence Briefing

In partnership with the Copyright Licensing Agency

As the publishing industry continually adapts to evolving technologies, PLS is dedicated to the creation of licensing solutions that not only facilitate technological and scientific innovation but also protect and remunerate rightsholders whose works are used in ground-breaking research and development.

PLS has therefore been working with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) on the development of a new CLA licence permitting text and data mining (TDM) by licensed organisations. The licence will operate on an opt-in basis and will cover a range of TDM uses but not generative AI. We will be consulting rightsholders separately on a generative AI licence in the coming months.

PLS and CLA held an online publisher briefing on Wednesday 22nd November as part of a formal consultation process with a view to CLA launching the licence to the market in early 2024. It is relevant to all publishers whose content is included in CLA Business and Government licensing.

You can access the Text and Data Mining (TDM) Licence Consultation Paper and more under the Publisher Area tab.


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