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PPA Festival 2023

Hosted in The Brewery, the PPA Festival 2023 explored real, evidence-based actionable solutions to key issues including keeping up with trends in tech, adapting content in 2023, and attracting and retaining professional talent.

The 'Voice of a Generation' panel focused on what the ‘Gen Z’ professional prioritises, which includes a workplace that fosters creativity, inclusivity and respect, as well as offers fair remuneration for their hard work.  The panel also stressed the significance of giving younger workers an opportunity and a voice through initiatives such as the PPA Next Gen Board.

In 'The Power of Positive Representation’ panel, we heard a lot about equal and positive representation and how importance it is to the LGBTQ+ community, aligned with the important factors for Gen Z. The Festival heard from and celebrated these voices who are too often marginalised and explored how publishing must continue to pave the way for media which respects, values and celebrates our differences.

AI is the hot topic in publishing and the discussion in the PPA Festival offered a fresh perspective. In the niche corners of specialist publishing, AI is perhaps more important than ever. The Product Sessions explored how to optimise technical SEO or generate content using existing tools, as well as showcasing new tools. The Festival recognized the importance of embracing the latest technology while maintaining the human touch in .

Overall, the festival equipped attendees with the tools to drive innovation and achieve success in their respective businesses, with more than 80 speakers across the 4 stages delivering insightful sessions. The 5 networking breaks providing a space to network with the 500-plus professionals attending. For those interested in attending next year, forms to register your interest for 2024 are open now.