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Generate more revenues from permissions

Generate more revenues from permissions

The PLSclear widget can be easily added to your website, ensuring that potential licensees supply you with the information you need to respond to their request quickly.

  • Increase potential revenues from permissions
  • Automate free-of-charge permissions and halve your workload
  • Report on your growing permissions business from anywhere, using a secure inbox
  • Cost effective – spend more time on more profitable work

Next steps

1. Download the PLSclear widget - for free

Please note that the widget will not function properly if you are using a CMS (Content Management System) that already has a universal search box or other type of search box on the page. If this is the case, we suggest that you do not download the widget but instead use the following template text on your Permissions page:

Permissions Enquiries: Requests to reuse content from [Publisher Name] are now being processed through PLSclear. Please visit to complete your request.

If you are using the search widget:

2. Install it on the Home page or permissions page of your website (or both). You may need a developer to help you with this.

3. Template text

We suggest the following template text to provide guidance to users once you have installed the widget (feel free to edit as appropriate):

Permissions Enquiries

Requests to reuse content from [Publisher Name] are now being processed through PLSclear. Please use the search widget to complete your permissions request and we will come back to you. Alternatively, if the search widget is not working, please visit to complete your request.

4. You can also include the PLSclear logo which can be downloaded here.

5. Any issues with installation, or need anything further? Contact us here.

Once it is installed...

1. If any requests for permission to reuse content come through, direct them to the widget

2. The requestor will then complete a comprehensive but inituitive online form, which will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. The form will be saved for your records within the PLSclear secure inbox.

3. You can also choose to automate free-of-charge licences - saving you time - and soon you'll be able to set parameters for paid-for licences too.

4. In addition, it is really important to ensure that your title list is up-to-date in PLS Account Manager (formerly PLSe), our account management tool. This ensures that those requesting permission can find your material on the first search attempt.

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