Copyright Infringement Portal

Tackling online piracy

Worried about your titles being copied illegally?
Want to do something about it?

Then the Copyright Infringement Portal, a service from The Publishers Association can help. The Portal is an online service that helps combat digital piracy.

1.  The Portal is currently the only online infringement
reporting service
created for the publishing industry.

2.  Users have sent more than 3m takedown notices and
1.5m Google Search removal requests since launch in 2009.

3.  The service is being used by publishers of all sizes,
from large multinationals to small independents.

4.  The Portal is used by international publishers from countries
including the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Using the Copyright Infringement Portal, you can:

  • Identify infringing links
  • Streamline the takedown process
  • 25% discount for all publishers signed up with PLS*

Contact us to find out more: it's quick & easy

*For Option 1: Manual option for all publishers signed up with PLS.

How the Copyright Infringement Portal works

How the Copyright Infringement Portal works

 Get started:

  • Upload the titles you wish to protect.
  • The Portal searches infringing websites for those titles, & reports the results.
  • You check the report, and where infringements are found, issue a takedown notice using the templates supplied.
  • The Portal also checks whether the infringing link is available through Google Search and if the link is visible, reports it for removal by Google.
  • The PA also offer a managed service, where this is all taken care of for you.

Contact us to find out more or compare the packages available.

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