Helping publishers & researchers manage text and data mining

PLSclear TDM

About the service

About the service

PLSclear TDM is a web service developed to help reconcile the needs of publishers and researchers, and make it easier for publishers to manage requests for text and data mining.

Researchers are concerned about the disproportionate effort involved in getting access and permissions from publishers. Challenges include:

  • Knowing what information publishers require before they give access
  • Knowing who to contact at the publishers and managing multiple requests to different publishers.

On the other hand, publishers need to know how they can facilitate access and that the text mining project is not commercial.

PLSclear TDM functions as a digital clearing house for researchers’ requests, leading researchers through a simple request form developed by a group of leading publishers. This gathers basic information about the text mining project (including the content to be mined and the format for reuse). The form is then forwarded to the appropriate manager within the publishing company.

The service can be used by any researcher undertaking text mining, and is expected to be valuable to researchers in both subscribing and non-subscribing institutions and researchers undertaking both commercial and non-commercial research.

Another benefit is that PLSclear TDM can also be used by any publisher with content researchers wish to text mine. It will be particularly useful for smaller publishers who are unfamiliar with text and data mining.

Next steps

To find out more, visit PLSclear TDM, or contact us to find out how we can help you by managing your TDM requests by calling 0207 079 5930 or by email.

How does PLSclear TDM work?

1. Search for multiple DOI's at one time - or search by publisher.

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2. Multiple search results can be saved at one time, so you only need to enter project information once.

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3. A short form helps you provide the publisher with all information they need to facilitate access.

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4. All project details are sent to the right contact, at the right publisher.

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CrossRef & PLSclear: Free industry solutions to Text and Data Mining

As of Spring 2015, PLS is working in partnership with CrossRef to promote and improve industry provisions to support Text and Data Mining (TDM).  

The partnership has been established to help researchers who need to interact with publishers to obtain the full-text content for the purposes of mining.

How do PLSclear and CrossRef work together?

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What should publishers do next?

  • CrossRef members can participate in CrossRef TDM services to streamline researcher access to distributed full-text
  • Link to PLSclear TDM from your website as an alternative way of encouraging users to seek permission for TDM via another channel
  • Promote participation in these industry solutions to TDM