Straightforward permissions

Did you know, 1/3 of permissions searches
are abandoned because the process is too difficult?

Plsclear Working From Home W500PLSclear is a permissions management tool that streamlines the whole process. So, whether you need to seek permission to reuse someone else’s content, or if you are receiving requests to have your content reused, PLSclear can help.

Do you need to get permission to re-use content, either as an author, freelancer, or in-house permissions? Visit the PLSclear website to start now >

We also offer permissions outsourcing with our Permissions Assist service.


Straightforward permissions with PLSclear


Sheila Hardy 1950S Housewife    “Well done PLSclear! Thank you so much for tracking down my
    request to find Everywoman magazine.

    What a godsend this service is going to be for writers; I'm sure you
    will be inundated with work. I will not hesitate to call on you again.”

    Sheila Hardy, Author A 1950’s Housewife