The Copyright Hub

About the Hub and our involvement

About the Hub and our involvement

What is the Copyright Hub?

The idea behind the Copyright Hub is that a person should be able to find – with a single click or a single query – where they can get permission to use an item of content in the ways that they want. An automated response that says “Yes”, “No” or “Yes, if the following conditions are met” should be possible, especially for low value, high volume rights requests.
The Copyright Hub is a website ( which has two functions: the provision of copyright information/education to a wide audience; and access for users to simpler licensing, with much lower transaction costs, via websites connected to the Copyright Hub.
The Copyright Hub is also a forum where members of the creative industries and others meet across sectors to streamline licensing processes and organisations.

What's the Copyright Hub working on? from Dominic Young.

What is the aim of the Copyright Hub?

The Copyright Hub aims to make the licensing of content easier. The aim is to increase the relevance of copyright to everyone who creates and everyone who makes use of content. Copyright says that creators own their work and can decide what happens to it. It says that you need permission to use someone else’s work. The Copyright Hub helps make both things work the way the internet works. Read more about the Hub.

What is PLS' role in the Copyright Hub?

The Copyright Hub is governed by a small executive board, of which Sarah Faulder, Chief Executive at PLS is a member. The Copyright Hub is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, based in London, with a larger Partners Board comprising leading members of the creative industries, and various working groups.

How does the Copyright Hub fit in with PLSclear?

PLSclear is a web-based tool developed at PLS to streamline the permissions process, whether you need to seek permission to reuse someone else’s written content, or if you are receiving requests to have your written content reused. The Copyright Hub is phasing in a link to PLSclear for future development.

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