Publisher Account Form

Signing up with PLS

The Publisher Account Form should be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions, the Distribution Charter, and the Code of Conduct.

All references to PLSe shall be deemed to be references to the newly named PLS Account Manager.

Your agreement with PLS

The Publisher hereby grants to PLS the non-exclusive right to license the reproduction of extracts from the Publisher’s titles and to authorise other selected organisations to license such reproduction on behalf of PLS. The Publisher’s grant of rights to PLS is more fully set out in the PLS General Terms and Conditions (clause 3.2), and is subject to the choices, settings and exclusions (if any) in  relation to titles, rights licences and territories that the Publisher makes to its account details in PLS Account Manager (formerly PLSe).

The Publisher appoints PLS to provide such services to the Publisher as the Publisher may nominate in the Publisher’s Settings in PLS Account Manager from time to time.

The grant of rights above and any appointments made above are given and made in accordance with and subject to the PLS General Terms and Conditions.

When completed and submitted to PLS and accepted by PLS in accordance with clause 3.1 of the PLS General Terms and Conditions, this Publisher Account Form (together with the Publisher’s Settings in PLS Account Manager, the PLS General Terms and  Conditions, the PLS Distribution Charter and the PLS Code of Conduct) forms a binding contract between the Publisher and PLS. This Publisher Account Form replaces any previous mandates given by the Publisher to PLS (without prejudice to the existing rights of the Publisher to its share of revenue due but unpaid at the date of submission) and may be amended at any time by the Publisher in accordance with the PLS General Terms and Conditions.

The Appointed CMO (within the meaning of the PLS General Terms and Conditions) is the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) subject, in the case of magazine publishers, to any alternative selection below.

PLS Account Manager
Your Settings in PLS Account Manager (formerly PLSe) are an integral part of your mandate to PLS. PLS Account Manager is the service through which you are able to manage your options including setting up applicable exclusions of titles, licences or territories and (where applicable) the rates at which the End User is charged for certain licensed acts. If you have not previously signed a mandate with PLS you will be sent log in details by email on completion and acceptance by PLS of this Account Form. This will enable you to access your Settings in PLSe via the PLS website at Please log in to review the options available and select as appropriate.

Please replace the Default Settings with your own Settings wherever appropriate. The Default Settings will apply unless they are changed by you.

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