UK Royalties Direct

The path for US publishers to collect UK licensing revenues

About UK Royalties Direct

About UK Royalties Direct

UK Royalties Direct is a complete solution for publishers based in the United States to collect UK licensing revenues.

Universities and other educational institutions are amongst users who rely on copying books and journals. Protect your rights and collect any licence revenues that may be due to you from UK copying of your titles.

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Why sign up?

  • Licensed use – Sign up with PLS and your titles will be included in CLA’s collective licences to the education, public and business sectors in the UK
  • Revenue share – Ensure that any such use of your titles in the UK is licensed, and that any licensing revenues collected for the use of your titles are paid to you
  • No risk – Protection from any claims from contributors by our revenue-sharing arrangement and the indemnity provided
  • Savings in admin time – Any revenues paid are net of the share due to authors and visual artists, saving the administrative burden of paying their share
  • Direct control – You decide which licences your titles are included in
  • Market insights – On the use of your titles through PLS Account Manager, our user-friendly online account management tool
  • Protection for your rights – From unpaid use under the UK’s recently extended educational copyright exception
  • A lean and transparent partnership – Of collective licensing organizations, recognised by the UK Intellectual Property Office


Read our FAQs for more information or listen in to the recorded webinar, held by PLS and the AAUP, addressing the benefits to American publishers.

How UK Royalties Direct works


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Revenue splits

Revenues distributed to publishers are net of the deductions listed below, so that publishers have no further obligations to pay other rightsholders with respect to
revenues received from PLS:

  • administration charge payable to CLA: 11% and
  • the shares payable to authors and visual artists as determined by an independent rights valuation in December 2015 (the Collective Contributors’ Shares). See our Distribution Charter for full details.

About ALCS

The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is the UK collective management organisation for authors.
It represents a global membership of over 90,000 authors in more than 100 countries, with reciprocal agreements with 40. ALCS has 10,000+ members in the USA where it works with the Authors Guild and Authors Registry as well as agents.

About PLS

The Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) oversees collective licensing on behalf of over 3,300 publishers who have signed up. PLS is owned by the main UK publisher trade associations: the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP); the Publishers Association (PA); the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) and the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG).

£32.9m distributed to publishers from collective licensing (2016/2017)

3,620 + publishers signed up