Manage, monitor and monetize your titles through UK Revenue Direct

A complete solution for publishers based in the US to receive collective licensing revenue from UK Higher Education Institutions


  • Maximize your opportunity of receiving revenue when your titles are copied by UK Higher Education Institution
  • Maintain control of your titles
  • Detailed data in your online account content (PLS Account Manager) enables you to track how content is being used by UK universities
  • Authors and visual artists are paid directly
  • Free to sign up


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How UK Collective Licensing works

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Revenue splits

Revenues distributed to publishers are net of the deductions listed below, so that publishers have no further obligations to pay other rights holders with respect to revenues received from PLS:

  • administration charge payable to CLA: 11% (or NLA: 20% in the case of magazine publishers) and
  • the shares payable to authors and visual artists as determined by an independent rights valuation in December 2015 (the Collective Contributors’ Shares). See our Distribution Charter for full details.
  • administration charge payable to PLS: 6%

About ALCS

ALCS is the UK collective management organisation for authors. It represents a global membership of over 96,000 authors in more than 115 countries. ALCS has 10,000+ members in the USA where it works with the Authors Guild and Authors Registry as well as agents.

About PLS

Established by publishers for publishers, PLS provides collective rights management in respect of print and digital copying, and distributes resulting licensing revenue to publishers. Other rights management services provided by PLS include permissions clearance. PLS is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1981 and owned by the industry.

£36.1m distributable to publishers from collective licensing (2017/2018)

3,850 + publishers signed up