Our work in Collective Licensing

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Our work in Collective Licensing

Our work in Collective Licensing

What is Collective Licensing?
Collective Licensing offers a simple and cost effective solution both
for those who wish to copy from published materials without breaking
the law and for rights holders where direct licensing would be
inefficient and unduly burdensome.

A blanket licence allows users to copy from a broad range of repertoire
in return for a licence fee, providing excellent value for money. This fee
is paid to rights holders whose publications have been shown to have
been copied.

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PLSe, our account management service:

  • Control: Manage your titles and licensing options.
  • Intelligence: Analyse and plan ahead using our detailed reporting tools.
  • Convenience: All the tools you need to manage your involvement in Collective Licensing, in one simple online account. More about PLSe

Did you know


  • £35.2 million was distributed to publishers from Collective Licensing (2015/16).
  • 3,300+ publishers are currently signed up with PLS (2015/16).
  • 30+ countries contribute to UK Collective Licensing revenues through international copying.

Why sign up?

  • Receive fair payment for copying.
  • Save having to deal with multiple requests for secondary copying.
  • Strengthen and promote copyright awareness.

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Latest updates

Policy update: The Digital Single Market/Copyright reform package 13 April 2017

The European Commission’s proposals have now transferred to the European Parliament for amendment and approval. Over the past few months several Committees of the European Parliament have been publishing draft opinions on the proposed directive.

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