Requesting permissions

Do you find requesting permission <br>to re-use content difficult and slow?

Do you find requesting permission
to re-use content difficult and slow?

If so, PLSclear can help. It makes the process simpler and quicker.

It solves three common problems:

1.  Identifying the current rights holder.
2.  Knowing what information to supply them with.
3.  Finding the relevant contact in the rights holding organisation.

With PLSclear you can...

Identify the current rights holder

This is often difficult, and leads to delay and frustration. PLSclear has a uniquely reliable database of rights holders, which identifies the rights holder 9 times out of 10.

Furthermore, for particularly problematic requests, you can contact the PLS helpdesk and we will research on your behalf.

Know what information to supply rights holders about reuse

This is often unclear, and results in emails going back and forth, and further delay. PLS has an easy-to-use, dynamic form with guidance notes, which has been developed by leading rights specialists.

So, it ensures you provide all of the necessary information, first time around.

Find the relevant contact person

Without the right contact email address, requests can get delayed or lost. PLSclear has a database of current contacts within publishers, so permissions emails go to the right person.

If things go wrong, we will follow up on your behalf. You also receive a copy of you email as proof of making a request.

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Did you know

We also offer permissions consultancy, outsourcing and workshops.
Contact us here for more information.

Straightforward permissions with PLSclear

Sheila Hardy 1950S Housewife    “Well done PLSclear! Thank you so much for tracking down my
    request to find Everywoman magazine.

    What a godsend this service is going to be for writers; I'm sure you
    will be inundated with work. I will not hesitate to call on you again.”

    Sheila Hardy, Author A 1950’s Housewife