Granting permissions

Permissions Direct

Do you find managing permissions
frustrating or inefficient?

Man On Phone W400Permissions Direct simplifies the permissions process, ensuring it wastes less time. Using our PLSclear permissions tool, you can better manage permissions to:

Save time

  • Automate your permissions licensing
  • Use the project management tool to manage requests and store records
  • Receive all the information you need to make a decision via the detailed questionnaire

Generate more revenues from permissions

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Did you know?

We also offer permissions outsourcing in our Permissions Assist offer.

PLSclear can also help your editorial teams and author-managers by
helping them make permissions requests to reuse content, quickly
and easily. This is free to use. Contact us to find out more.

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“Accurate, relevant and useful – PLSclear is THE platform for permissions queries.”

Loraine van Westhuizen, Permissions Researcher

How does it work?
PLSclear makes your decision-making process simpler through our 3 step process: