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PLS Permissions Outsourcing

How does the service work?

How does the service work?

Delegating your permissions admin to the PLS team means we will manage your permissions from receipt of request to invoicing and credit control.

The service includes:

  • Processing all requests
  • Issuing licences for free of charge and chargeable requests (or forwarding for review)
  • Issuing invoices
  • Processing and remitting payments
  • Reporting

How do I get started?

There are two simple steps to setting up the service:

1.  You tell us what parameters you wish us to work within and we will manage your chargeable and non-chargeable requests, and queries. Should you wish, the consultants we work with can help you set parameters.

2.  You add the PLSclear widget, or a hyperlink, to your website, which enables requests to be routed to us.

And that's it. When up and running, you can access your PLS permissions inbox at anytime and we will produce regular reports on how your permissions business is developing. You will receive quarterly payments through the PLS system.


There are no upfront costs to use the service. We charge a small handling fee for the chargeable requests and an annual subscription (starting at £99) for using our online service, PLSclear, once you have recieved more than 20 requests.

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