Webinar: How to optimise your UK licensing revenue with UK Royalties Direct

Webinar: How to optimise your UK licensing revenue with UK Royalties Direct

When: Tuesday 27th June 2017
Where: Hosted online as a webinar
Cost: Free of charge
Time: 1pm EDT (6pm BST), 30mins       Reserve your space >

What is UK Royalties Direct?
For many publishers, the annual payments they receive from UK collective licensing are a mystery. UK Royalties Direct is a complete solution for publishers based in the United States who want more insight - and licensing revenues - from the use of their works by universities and other educational institutions in the UK.

Find out how to increase the presence of your works and collect all the licensing revenues that may be due to you from UK copying of your titles.

Who is the webinar for?
US publishers interested in UK Royalties Direct who want to get practical advice on how to optimize their UK collective licensing revenues. Also welcome are publishers who have signed up for the service but would like a refresher.

Why attend this webinar?

  • Find out why dozens of publishers and university presses have signed up for UK Royalties Direct
  • Explore PLSe, the tool that will help you analyze the revenues you receive from UK collective licensing by sector, title, and usage
  • To be confident you are taking full advantage of your UK licensing opportunities

What will the webinar cover?

  • A brief overview of the Royalties Direct program
  • 5 tips to optimize your participation in UK Royalties Direct
  • An introduction to the PLSe portal, your account management tool
  • How to analyze revenues from UK collective licensing by title, sector and region
  • Other services you can benefit from
  • How to sign up with UK Royalties Direct

Our speakers:

The webinar will be hosted by Ted Hill, North American Representative for UK Royalties Direct. He will be joined by Jeremy Brinton, Publisher Relations Manager for the Publishers Licensing Society, who will explain further how UK Royalties Direct and other services can benefit US publishers.  

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