Extended Collective Licensing

Extended Collective Licensing

In 2014 the UK Government introduced The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Extended Collective Licensing) Regulations, which enables collective management organisations to apply for an extended collective licence (ECL).

PLS’s licensing agent, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), with the support of PLS and its other members - ALCS, DACS and PICSEL, submitted an application to the UK Government for an ECL authorisation in October 2017.

ECL enables licensing bodies that represent a significant class of rightsholders to extend their licences to cover unrepresented rightsholders in the same class.  As with CLA’s current licences, rightsholders can choose to exclude some or all of their works from ECL.

If you are a rightsholder and wish to exclude some or all of your works please contact PLS at pls@pls.org.uk.

Please note that any works already opted-out of CLA’s licences will remain excluded and you do not need to exclude these again.

What an ECL authorisation means for CLA’s customers

If CLA is successful in its application then it is likely that CLA will update its licences throughout 2018. The updated licences will include a broader range of works that can be copied, although subject to the usual exclusions.  CLA will notify you in due course of any changes to your licence.

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