Introduction to Collective Licensing seminars and webinars

Introduction to Collective Licensing seminars and webinars

PLS distributed more than £38 million to publishers in the UK in 2020/21 from its collective licensing scheme. The seminars and webinars will cover:

  • What collective licensing is and how it works
  • Who collects licensing revenue and how it gets distributed to publishers
  • How to ensure you get the most from collective licensing
  • How you can manage your online account most effectively
  • Other services that PLS offers to help your organisation

Who are these seminars and webinars for?
They are for publishers from all sectors and any other organisation whose business might include publishing content, including those recently signed up with PLS for collective licensing, individuals new to a role that includes responsibility for collective licensing; and those who would like a refresher on how collective licensing works.

What attendees have said

“The PLS introductory sessions were informative, I wish I had attended earlier.”

"As an introductory session it was enlightening. It raises lots of questions for us as publishers to address."

Are there limits on how many people from my organisation can attend the same session?
Yes, no more than three people from the same organisation can attend a seminar at the same time.

There are no limits on the number of people from the same organisation who can attend a webinar at the same time.

The seminars and webinars are free to attend.


Further seminars and webinars to be announced