*NEW* Smart Rights Management Workshops

*NEW* Smart Rights Management Workshops

Upcoming workshops:
6th March 2017

Why Smart Rights Management?
The way that publishers manage the agreements that give them the rights they need to publish and re-use content is critical for the success and growth of publishers' businesses. Research conducted by PLS found that there is a lack of effective management of rights across the industry, with many publishers not understanding the rights they have in the content they produce.

Not managing the rights you own effectively means:   

  • Product development opportunities are restricted
  • A negative impact on valuation of content, and feasibility of mergers and acquisitions
  • Collective licensing shares are not maximised
  • Anti-piracy actions are more difficult
  • Revenues from transactional licensing may be limited

Therefore, more effective rights management has the potential to have a positive impact on business.

About the Smart Rights Management workshops

Who is the workshop for?
All publishing staff who are involved in rights acquisition e.g editorial, production, permissions researchers. Please note that this is not a course on selling rights and permissions.

Attending our Smart Rights Management workshop will help you to:

  • Develop a plan to effectively manage your incoming rights
  • Understand the impact of rights acquisition on revenue, profitability and reputation
  • Think more strategically about rights acquisition


The workshops will cover:

  • Copyright Basics: an overview of UK copyright law, as relevant to rights acquisition
  • Rights Acquisition Strategy: developing a rights acquisition strategy per product/list; evaluating proposals to determine what rights need to be obtained
  • Rights Agreements: What agreements are required (e.g. head contracts; contributors; 3rd party; freelance etc)
  • Obtaining 3rd party rights: tips and tools for permissions clearance
  • Process and Systems: how to keep track of the process and to record rights acquired
  • Compliance Management: ensuring you can comply with terms before you accept them, and tools and strategies for managing licence restrictions
  • Engaging the whole business in Rights Management

Find out more about upcoming workshops

6th March 2017