About the Charles Clark Memorial Lecture

About the Charles Clark Memorial Lecture

The Charles Clark Lecture, which focuses on key developments in the world of copyright, has been running since 2008 and has grown to be London Book Fair’s largest lecture.

The lecture is held annually to celebrate the achievements of Charles Clark (1933-2006); British publisher and lawyer who was an authority on the law of copyright.

We are delighted to welcome world renowned copyright experts each year to continue the stimulating debate.

About Charles Clark
Publisher Charles Clark (1933-2006) initially trained as a lawyer, and built a reputation as champion of the rights of authors and publishers at a time of great change in the industry. Having become an editor at the legal publishing house of Sweet and Maxwell, he was called to the bar in 1960. He chose instead to join Penguin Books, where he commissioned a range of titles aimed at making subjects such as law and psychiatry accessible. Read more >

The 2017 lecture

Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 2017 Debate Photography 1 The lecture addressed the compromise between exclusive rights and reasonable "fair uses" in the digital age, by two experts on the Fair Use doctrine.

Judge Pierre Leval is one of the most important figures in the historical development and interpretation of Fair Use, and one of the authors of the "Google Books" decision. He joined Jon Baumgarten, widely recognised as one of the leading domestic and international property lawyers in the US, with particular emphasis on copyright matters.

Download the PDF transcript of the debate for an introduction to US Fair Use, analysis of its development both international and across formats, and for arguments in support of and in opposition to the expansion of Fair Use.

This unique and prestigious debate will be of interest to any in the global publishing industry, given the importance of copyright to our business.

The 2016 lecture

We were delighted to host Professor Michael Fraser, from the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney, at this year's provocatively titled lecture, What are publishers for?

The lecture was an eloquent and passionate look at the commercial and cultural challenges to publishers’ business models and attacks on the role of the publisher, as well as how publishers might use copyright as the basis for their response.

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About Professor Michael Fraser
Professor Michael Fraser, Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney, is a founder and previous CEO of the Copyright Agency Limited in Australia, where he worked for twenty one years. He is currently Chairman of the Australian Copyright Council, Chairman of the Stolen Generations Testimonies Foundation, and Director of the Dictionary of Sydney Inc.

View a full transcript of the lecture.

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Past Lectures

2017 Judge Pierre Leval, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and Jon Baumgarten, intellectual property lawyer and former General Counsel for the US Copyright Office

2016 Professor Michael Fraser
Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney

2015 Professor Lionel Bently
Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Cambridge

2014 Shira Perlmutter
Chief Policy Officer and Director International Affairs at the USPTO

2013 Richard Hooper CBE
Former Deputy Chairman OFCOM (2002-05), Chair of the Copyright Hub

2012 Maria Martin-Prat
Head of the Copyright Unit, European Commission Internal Market Directorate

2011 Dr Francis Gurry
Director General, World Intellectual Property Organisation

2009 Mary-Beth Peters
US Register of Copyrights

2008 Jukka Liedes
Director at the Ministry of Education at the WIPO



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