Consultation: Abstracts Use under CLA NHS Licences

Consultation: Abstracts Use under CLA NHS Licences

Posted: 16 October 2017

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is proposing to extend the right granted under its NHS licences to permit the reproduction of abstracts in current awareness bulletins, accompanied by a link to the full text, and to host these current awareness bulletins on their organisations’ websites.

At least 700 different hospital departments produce regular current awareness bulletins or newsletters. Copying of the copyright content of these newsletters is already covered by the CLA blanket licence for the NHS, when the newsletters are being distributed both within the hospital and in the wider NHS, for example by email. Currently CLA NHS licences do not permit any content to be published on the internet. CLA would like to extend the licence to permit this use. CLA expects to be able to negotiate a modest increase in licence fees for this additional permission.This proposal is relevant to publishers that receive secondary licensing income from local and central government and the NHS.

To participate in the consultation, read the minutes, presentation and consultation paper. Please note that this is password protected and is accessible to publishers signed up with PLS only.

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The consultation will end on 24th November.