Have your say: Consultation on Digital Content Store (DCS) Developments

Have your say: Consultation on Digital Content Store (DCS) Developments

Posted: 02 March 2018

The launch of the Digital Content Store workflow tool for UK higher education institutions in 2016 has transformed CLA’s relationship with its HE customers. More than 80 universities currently use the system to report coursepack usage to CLA. The DCS has drawn interest from other RROs. There is an opportunity now for CLA to export DCS technology to RROs in other countries with a similar licensing scheme to the UK.This will help embed census reporting and encourage a robust licensing framework. In addition it will provide an opportunity for RROs to improve their relations with the university sector.

This part of the consultation will review the current basis of collective licensing of HEIs in the UK, and how the DCS helps to streamline this process with centralised storage of scanned extracts, before seeking rightsholders’ input on opportunities for the DCS in other territories.

To participate in the consultation, read the minutes, presentation and consultation paper. Please note that this is password protected and is accessible to publishers signed up with PLS only.

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The consultation will end on 20th March.