ALPSP/ PLS Webinar : How to optimise revenue from permissions

ALPSP/ PLS Webinar : How to optimise revenue from permissions

Who is the webinar for?
All ALPSP publishers and content creators who are interested in finding out more about licensing solutions being implemented in the learned publishing and professional society sector.

It is equally useful for staff who deal with incoming permissions requests, as well as those involved in making permissions requests

Why join the webinar?

Rights and permissions can sometimes be frustrating. The webinar aims to clarify the area and provide a straightforward guide to manging permissions with the PLS Permissions service, designed to make the process…

Simpler - A user-friendly interface makes it easy to capture all necessary information.

Faster - Requests that once took weeks can now take minutes.

Friendlier - Better customer service

More profitable - Efficiencies enable high volumes of permissions to be handled, so optimising revenues.

What the webinar will cover

Having a productive conversation about permissions that works for both parties

Some approaches to thinking about a licensing strategy

Better understanding the customer journey

How PLS can help raise the profile of rights and permissions in your organisation

Good housekeeping: how and when to review your licensing structure
Key take-aways: practical next steps to manage your permissions better

This webinar builds on last year’s ALPSP/PLS webinar and those who participated will find a number of new elements introduced. Equally, those who did not participate in last year’s session will find this webinar a useful introduction.

How do I participate?
You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

When is it?
11 am on 21 November 2017

How long will the webinar be?
One hour.

How much does it cost?
The webinar is free of charge.

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