Introduction to Collective licensing

Seminar testimonials

"As an introductory session it was ideal and enlightening. Raises a lot of questions for us as publishers to address."

"Presentations were informative and I wish I had attended sooner."

"I have already logged in to PLSe and had a look at some of the statistics – fascinating.
We had no idea that we can access this sort of data; it will be very useful for editorial and marketing purposes."

"It was the first time I had really looked in detail and discovered quite how our content was being copied etc through PLSe. This is now an area that sales will be involved with!"

"A very clear overview."

"Have gained a comprehensive understanding of the PLS operation - previously something rather mysterious!"

"All presentations were clear and well presented."

"Explained work clearly and answered questions well. Being able to ask questions at any point was useful."

"Atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, information was presented in an efficient way. Explained the role of PLS clearly."

"Useful and concise information, well presented."

"Good to see how to use PLSe."

"All questions were accepted and answered where possible, with offers of follow up information and guidance where needed."

"All PLS staff knowledgeable in their area. Also complimented each others know how and helped each other."

"I wish I had gone to one of these a long time ago!"

"Excellent exposition of background and how to get to grips with PLSe."

"Exceptional knowledge and ability to explain "in trust" nature of PLS and how it works."

"Presentations were pitched at the right level - good introduction and plenty of opportunities to ask more advanced questions."

"Good to know how it all works and where the money comes from."

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