Code of Conduct

Our mandate and its flexibility

All UK and overseas-based publishers of books, magazines, journals and websites are eligible to sign up to PLS to manage certain rights in their works on a collective basis. They can do so by signing a Publisher Account Form (see Flexibility of the Publisher Account below), for which there is no charge, and which is available on request from the PLS website.

By signing a Publisher Account Form (see the Further information section of this Guide), the publisher enters into a contract under which it authorises PLS to license, through collective licensing, the reproduction and other use of limited extracts of the
repertoire that is owned or controlled by the publisher.

Flexibility of the Publisher Account
A Publisher Account can be updated and amended by means of PLS’s online rights management service, PLSe, which is accessible through the PLS website. A publisher may terminate its Publisher Account on six months written notice to PLS.